Content Development


Content development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication. Content development is the process of creating (creating), editing, editing, and maintaining content to provide users with informed fillers.

The e-learning content development process in 5 steps :

  • Set clear goals (Capture)
  • Develop a design vision (Design)
  • Create your content (Create)
  • Analyze and Iterate (Cultivate)
  • Measure and optimize (Market)

What is Content Development?


Content development is the research, production, and dissemination of information to achieve a strategic goal. This goal is to create a connection with an audience or generate some type of marketing or sales result.

Content development is the process of creating content for a website from start to finish. You may have also heard of content developers. The term “content developer” is also used for web developers, but in this article we will only focus on content development, not design or coding.


Content development includes :

  • Strategy
  • To write
  • Optimization (SEO)
  • Publication
  • Financial help

Therefore, content development is an essential part of a content marketing strategy.

An accepted wisdom in the world of marketing is that successful content marketing is 20% production and 80% advertising. it’s rubbish If you spend 80% of your time or budget on advertising, what exactly are you going to promote? The fact that you exist? If you don’t invest in content development and production, all your other efforts will go to waste.

Content development is different from publishing.


The reason journalists are not content creators is that the end result of their efforts is publication. If there is a strategy behind it, that strategy is loosely tied to the unique content the journalist produced. Instead, the content is a vehicle for other people’s ads. It’s okay. This is called independent journalism.

It is also what you would call a spray and pray approach in terms of marketing. They expect a large amount of material to create a large number of connections. Then ask someone else to join you in finding your own smaller audience.

Content development is different because it is guided by a cycle of theory, execution, analysis, and iteration. The key word here is “development”. It implies a process. It means using the content to achieve a defined result. This result can be the membership of a list of prospects or the purchase of a product. The more sophisticated your understanding of your sales process, the smarter your content development will be.

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