Which Platform Is Better For SEO: Wix or WordPress?


The two biggest rivals in terms of SEO are Wix and WordPress. They each stand out in various ways. The technique of improving one’s website’s position in search engine results and boosting both the number and quality of internet visitors is known as SEO or search engine optimization. The capabilities and outcomes of SEO are directly impacted by the platform selected. Let’s first examine WordPress and Wix separately.


Wix is a website builder that combines hosting and website creation capabilities under one roof. It is an internet hosting firm that enables customers to create their own websites even if they have no prior experience with coding. There is a tonne of templates that are accessible and editable.


Designs and templates that can be altered Free and trustworthy hosting

  • Mobile-friendly view
  • Image editor for one page
  • Unpaid fonts
  • Integrated page protection in HTML
  • Automatically styled blogs
  • Live chat
  • Tools for communication, finances, and marketing
  • Google Analytics for website analytics


Users may develop websites or start blogs using WordPress, a standalone content management system (CMS). Users may develop and publish web pages while it saves material.


  • Easy to control website content
  • Countless pages, postings, items, etc. 
  • Integrated news and blog posting
  • Versatile post-scheduling
  • Simple to recover erased page contents
  • Portable websites
  • Additional editors can easily be added, changed
  • Site security that is managed
  • Stable and trustworthy
  • Automatic backups
  • Infrastructure that is diverse

Let’s look at a comparison now that we have a basic understanding of each of them and their qualities.

High level of availability

It relates to how long visitors to the site may access it. The audience will go to another website if they visit one and discover that the uptime guarantee is broken. In comparison, Wix provides a 99.8% uptime guarantee and WordPress has a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Server speed

The audience is most irritated by the website’s slowness. A website’s viewers will undoubtedly leave if it takes too long to load and will never return. WordPress outperforms Wix in terms of server performance.

SSL Support

Google understands a website is trustworthy if the URL has an SSL (HTTPS). Obtaining a high position in SEO is one of the main concerns. SSL support is available from both WordPress and Wix.

Off-page SEO tools

A tool called SEO Wiz is included with Wix and offers planning and methods for enhancing SEO on a website. You may obtain assistance with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword research. This tool might be quite helpful for those who are just starting out with website development or SEO. Installing (free) plugins is required for WordPress in order to obtain the off-page SEO assistance required. In order to write in an SEO-friendly manner and interact with Google Analytics and Google Search Engine through other plugins, one can utilize plugins like Yoast. If one is more experienced in website development and SEO in general, it is a better alternative because it is not integrated into WordPress.

On-page SEO

Both Wix and WordPress offer excellent on-page SEO features and let users generate meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and subheadings as well as unique URLs and picture alt text.

XML sitemap

The use of an XML Sitemap improves a website’s SEO rating by making it simpler for search engines to crawl the site and understand its structure. Both WordPress and Wix have this capability, although WordPress makes it a little bit simpler to utilize. To construct sitemaps and submit them to Google automatically, one can install a plugin.

Custom Coding

The fact that Wix and WordPress are simple to use and enable the creation of attractive websites is one of their main advantages. But occasionally it’s necessary to update the current code or hardcode something into the website. Wix has an HTML Code option, however, it’s really challenging for novices to utilize. It is simpler to alter or modify the code for specific website pages when using WordPress.

Mobile optimized site

This function is provided by both WordPress and Wix. This feature is also very important for having one’s website appear higher in search engine rankings. Wix’s drag-and-drop functionality enables users to customize the mobile site to make sure everything appears fine. WordPress plugins may be used to enhance the mobile view and mobile responsiveness.

As a result of the comparisons shown above, you must decide between Wix and WordPress based on your preferences. Wix is a good choice if you’re just starting out and don’t know much about SEO since you want to have access to the fundamentals. However, WordPress would be a fantastic alternative if you are familiar with SEO and want to attract a specific audience to your website because it includes sophisticated functionality.

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