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Ever wanted to tell visual storytelling for a living? to work in a position that combines art and technology? What if you had a decent laptop and a reliable internet connection and could work virtually anywhere ?

You may be interested in a career as a video editor if you selected “yes” to any or all of the questions above. But what are the requirements for entering this industry? What kind of instruction, software, and tools are required? How can you land your first job as a video editor that pays well ?

We’ll cover all of these questions in this article. Ive consulted my friend Tony Santos because I don’t have any experience with video editing myself.

What Does a Video Editor Do ?


In general, a video editor combines moving images to tell a story. Since video is present in almost every element of life, the field of video editing is enormous and diversified.

For instance, Tony spends most of his time editing YouTube videos. But he also works on the side editing video content for websites like Facebook and TikTok.

In addition, video editing is a component of :

  • Movie creation
  • TV creation
  • Corporate education
  • Every online video and social media site offers industrial and safety instruction.


A video editor collaborates closely on a daily basis with their client and/or team to carry out the creative vision of the project. They operate primarily on computers with video editing programmes like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro

Video editors may operate as independent contractors for a range of clients. Or, they might work a more conventional 9 to 5 office job. Depending on whether you value flexibility or stability more, both circumstances have advantages and disadvantages.

But let’s talk about the abilities a video editor requires right now (and how to learn them).

How to Learn to Edit Videos ?

Learning about video editing might be overwhelming. After all, it combines both technical and creative abilities.

We are choosing a video editing programme at first and going through some tutorials to understand the fundamentals. Your objective at this point is to move from being intimidated by the complex interface to being able to carry out basic actions.

How to Get Your First Video Editing Gig : Portfolio and Networking Tips


Being a video editor requires more than just learning editing techniques. Additionally, you must be able to advertise yourself and acquire employment. Fortunately, Tony offered some great suggestions for expanding your network and developing professional relationships.

Establish a demo reel

You must demonstrate your ability to edit videos in order to be hired as a video editor. Here’s when your portfolio comes into play. A “demo reel” is a selection of video clips showcasing various editing methods and project types.

Then, upload that reel to YouTube or Vimeo so that you can share it with others. Post your reel there as well if you have a personal website. (And here’s how to create a personal website if you don’t already have one.)

Networking Tips for Video Editors (and Get Your First Client)

One of the most difficult components of being a freelancer is finding employment, especially early in your career. You must begin networking in order to find work.

But you have to go about it correctly. Don’t send constant job-seeking messages to people’s inboxes and direct messages.

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